Hartlepool Art Club Programme 2018-2019

Date Time
May 18th 2018 Saltholme Exhibition Closing Date for entries
May 23rd Saltholme Exhibitionn Take-in day Brian’s shop 10.30am
May 26th Collection of un-selected work Brian’s shop 10.30am
June 1st Saltholme Exhibition opens
June 6th Golden Lion Changeover 10.30am
June 13th Susan Neale Watercolour 7.00pm
June 21st Mining Gallery Bishop Auckland Trip TBC
June 29th Saltholme Exhibition ends
June 30th Collection of un-sold work Brian’s shop 10.30am
July 11th Keith Blessed Pastel Sea/Landscape? 7.00pm
July 12th Patchings Art Festival Trip 8.00am
August 1st Golden Lion Changeover 10.30am
August 8th Stephen Ashurst Portrait (in oils?) 7.00pm
August 9th Stephen Ashurst Workshop Portrait in Oil 10.00am
9th September Staithes Art & Heritage Festival Trip 8.00am
September 12th Kate Bentley Watercolour Fast & Loose 7.00pm
Sept 13th Kate Bentley Workshop Watercolour Fast & Loose 10.00am
October 3rd Golden Lion Changeover 10.30am
October 10th Annual Exhibition Closing date for Entries
October 10th Ian Lightfoot Critique 7.00pm
November 9th Annual Exhibition Take in day Hartlepool Art Gallery TBC
November 13th Collection of un-selected work Hartlepool Art Gallery TBC
November 14th Tim Rose Archicture in Watercolour 7.00pm
November 15th Tim Rose Workshop Archicture in Watercolour 10.00am
November 16th Annual Exhibition Preview Evening Hartlepool Art Gallery 7.00pm
November 17th Annual Exhibition opens Hartlepool Art Gallery
December 5th Golden Lion Changeover 10.30am
December 12th Keith Robson Using Radiant Concentrated Watercolour Inks 7.00pm

January 9th 2019 James McGairy Acrylic Sunset & Coast 7.00pm
January 12th Annual Exhibition Closing date
January 15th Annual Exhibition Collection of un-sold work Hartlepool Art Gallery TBC
February 6th Golden Lion Changeover 10.30am
February 13th Vickie Norman Landscape in Oils 7.00pm
February 14th Vickie Norman Workshop Fundamentals in Oil Painting 10.00am
February 15th Richmond Exhibition Closing date for entries
March 8th Richmond Exhibition Take in day
March 9th Richmond Exhibition Opens
March 13th Lynn Ward Acrylic Landscape 7.00pm
April 3rd Golden Lion Changeover 10.30am
April 3rd Richmond Exhibition closes
April 4th Richmond Collection of un-sold work
April 10th AGM 7.00pm
May 8th Stephen Coates Watercolour 7.00pm
May 9th Stephen Coates Watercolour Workshop 10.00am